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How can an executive coach help build your business?

Coping with change

This is an era of rapid change in the business world. The past few years have witnessed fundamental reshaping of the Global economy; even the most long-lived companies can fail. In our new business environment of constant change and disruption, it is more important than ever for organizations to demonstrate resilience.  Executive coaching is one way that organizations can build and enhance their resilience – when business leaders work with a coach, they have the opportunity to focus on their key goals and receive support in dealing with their biggest challenges.

Serving as a mentor

Mentoring has become a more common initiative at many companies. Mentoring can help organizations to thrive in the face of rapid changes and ever increasing competition – mentoring is also an important tool to help attract and retain top talent. Mentoring initiatives are also a key component of managing diversity – attracting and retaining a diverse talent pool that reflects the communities that the company serves. Executive coaching is a way for companies to provide the benefits of mentoring to top leaders – or create more comprehensive mentoring programs that touch all levels of the organization.

Helping your organization reach its potential

All employees deserve the opportunity to make a contribution, representative of their talents and potential. Customers deserve your team’s best performance at all times. An executive coach can help ensure that your team reaches its potential – that your employees can make their optimum contributions and build their talents. Your customers will notice when your staff is at their best. To stay at the top, a great organization must consistently present a theme of innovation and individual excellence.

Staying focused on your top priorities

How does the CEO build for the future of the organization without losing sight of current challenges? How can a company groom top talent and help emerging leaders prepare to take on the responsibilities awaiting them? How do leaders stay focused on the “right” things, not just the most urgent tasks? Mentoring and coaching programs are becoming intricately engrained in leadership development programs at Fortune 500 companies across the nation. While these programs require an investment of time and money, the added value to the organization far exceeds the investment.

Steven Lyles is an experienced leader; he understands the importance of the bottom line. Every aspect of his coaching and training practice is focused on delivering measurable results for client organizations.


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